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Tips for a Low-Sodium Diet

6 Sneaky Signs You Might Be Eating Too Much Salt
Sodium is an essential nutrient for muscle function and fluid balance, but most of us consume significantly more than we need—which can have some negative consequences.
5 Natural Ways to Help You Ditch the Saltshaker
Kick excess sodium to the curb with these flavorful salt swaps.
Looking for Low-Sodium Foods? Watch Out for These Sneaky Sources of Sodium
Your diet might be piled high with salt without you even picking up the saltshaker. Learn all the surprising salt traps so you can cut back on how much sodium you're getting each day.

Healthy Eating & Sodium

Steps to Start a Low-Sodium Diet
Eating less sodium is healthier for just about everyone, regardless of your blood pressure numbers. These tips will help you cut out salt slowly so you adjust easily.
Top 10 Sources of Sodium in Food
It's not just about the salt shaker. Sodium is in foods you eat everyday—here are the biggest offenders.
What Is Green Salt?

Is Green Salt the healthier salt alternative we've all been searching for? Read on to find out whether it really lives up to that promise. Plus, we'll tell you how to use it and where you can find it.